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"More people need to hear what you just did. Here, shots on me."

- Owner of a pretty big venue after a show

"I don't mind telling people when they suck, and you guys were seriously one of the best live shows I've ever seen."

- An acquaintance who wouldn't gain much from lying

"Your drummer's a fucking animal."

- Some metal head


"The river reflects its red edges atop poisoned water, the giant machine."

The Red Edges were formed in Oakland, CA during the Year of the Ghoul. Their style is a chaotic blend of hard rock, punk, and blues with singer/songwriter/guitarist Jordan "The River" leading their way. Influenced by bands like Megadeth, Motörhead, and Tool, they have created a new form of hard rock that is dynamic and relentless. Jake "The Giant" provides steady tension in his drumming while Sean "The Machine" plays his bass like his life depends on it.

The Red Edges perform engaging and vivid live shows to add lost souls to their Ghoul Army. The Red Edges' fans consist of dreamers and wanderers, vagrants and witches, queens and kings. If you want to join, just sacrifice a lamb and anoint your home's threshold with its blood, then look for The Red Edges performing live near you.

Singles of their debut, unreleased album Year of the Ghoul, written and recorded in the heart of Oakland, can be heard online now.

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